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Friday, 11 June 2010

Back in the UK

It is now 4.00 pm Friday 11th June. I left a little village in The Languedoc called Montdardier at 10.00 am on Wednesday after waiting for the epicerie to open so i could get some breakfast. It was raining.

I walked about ten miles to Vigan with occasional views of The Cevennes through cloud and rain. At Vigan the tourist office was closed until 2.0. I went for lunch then found I could get a bus to Nimes and a train from there to Lyons. It was still raining. Arrived Lyon train from airport at about 7.0 pm. Four hotels in a row were full so I took the shuttle bus to the airlport. By chance i found
a girl on the Easy Jet desk. To alter my flight for tomorrow (Thursday - 10.20 am) would cost £119, or if done on line using the airport's Internet £30. I walked off to attempt the latter - 2€ for 30 mins. It was hopeless. The computer had a French keyboard. It took me ages to find out where the proper full stop was which involved using the shift key! I then found that Easyjet needed me to log in with a password I couldn't remember and also I had changed my email address since making the original booking so I could not be recognised. It was now about 10pm. I tried the airport hotel but it was full so spent the night on an uncomfortable airport seat. At 6.0am paid Easyjet the £119 and stooged around until flight time which ended up being 40 mins late.
Got into Gatwick abot 11.0am our time. Train into London. Tube journey to Liverpool Street to get train to Lowestoft with about 4 mins to spare - at last a bit of good luck. Still raining. Arrived L about 4.30 pm. Did some shopping then 30 min bus to camp site where I had posted my maps to. I also expected to pick up my Pocket Rocket burner which I had not been able to take on the flight from Liverpool and posted home. I had asked Jill to post it to the camp site but it had not arrived. I eventually got pitched and for the first time in over 48 hours got some sleep.
This morning (Friday) the burner arrived in the post . I have been into L to shop, cash in euros and post some items home and will set off to tomorrow on my Lowestoft to St Bees Head walk.
I had omitted to bring my bus pass on this trip but the drivers on the Lowestoft buses have let me travel for free.
I will do another more subjective post shortly to give some rationale for my earlier than planned return to the UK.
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  1. Quick and Easy Shopping

    Hi Dear Me get very impressive after reading your story rocking on the hills.Sure sir you have a great passion and determination to achieve your goal..

  2. from the tale so far, and the 'luxury' break, I'm not wildly surprised you left the rather less than enthralling troll through the Cevennes to the delights on the new English winter we are now enjoying!

  3. Gummed - thanks for your comment. I actually traversedThe Languedoc and only just got to the southern edge of the Cevennes. I think the Cevennes would be better, but I went too early and even though I have higher than average tolerance for my own company it was dreary and difficult logistically finding everything closed. You will see from my first post on th LtoStB walk I am enjoying this more, but it is early days yet.

  4. Gimmer- sorry the damned predictive text thing took over and gave you a rather unfortunate name. No offence intended.