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Monday, 14 June 2010

Day 3 - stokesby to S of Nort Walsham

TG 289 286 Alt 29 ft !

Another good days walking. Early on I saw a deer leap all the way accross a field of green corn about two feet high. It moved very fast alternaty popping up and disappearing. A fine sight which comes from being the first person on a footpath early in the morning.

Then it became very boaty following the river up to Potter Heigham. All familiar names from the Arthur Ransome books and I intend to read the Broads ones again; I guess a lot has changed since his day.

I arrived at this site which is shown on th OS map as a caravan and camping site. It turned out to be an exclusive caravan site for adults only. The reception guy was a real jobsworth and at first was not going to let me stay but he did in the end but charged me £15. He was eventually (after a dose of my expert diplomacy) quite helpful.

I should hit the coast tomorrow at Cromer I think, so it is a sad goodbye to the boaty Broads, but seeing something new every day is what this is all about.

Before I do leave The Broads here is a real cliche picture for everybody.

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  1. It's becoming increasingly common for sites to have a caravan/motorhome only policy.Like you,I have a foot in both camps but I'm beginning to take the view that if a site won't accept my tent (though I rarely camp on a site it has to be said)then I won't take the motorcaravan there either!

  2. I do prefer to camp on sites in urban areas. I had a bad experience on my LEJOG walk being attacked by hoodies throwing things at the tent in the middle of the night. It's adifferent matter in wild Scotland.