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Monday, 28 June 2010

Day 16 - Humber Bridge (south) to Hornsea

Last night was dreadful. On getting back from the pub meal at about 8.15pm the people in the next tent were playing heavy beat music and drinking and talking. As far as I could tell they were husband and wife and a visiting male friend. Thankfully at 9.00pm they turned the music off... but at 10.20 it came back on. I stuck my head out of my tent and asked them to turn it off. There were mutterings and drunken laughter but it was turned off, then I started to worry about a possible reprisal. They were talking about their hi fi at 1000 watts and his brother's at 2400 watts. The husband's language, with hardly any exageration, included the f word in between practically all other words. They then started boasting to each other about fights they had been in, and being arrested and all sorts of altercations with police. These were very unpleasant people and I became more worried that they may try something on. There was not much I could do, but I fixed my phone so that the key pad was at default with a view to ringing police if neccessary. They went on making noise and doing exagerrated belches etc. Until 1.15 am. As far as I know i never slept all night. I was up at 5.30 and away by 6.15.

The crossing of The Humber Bridge took 40 mins. Exiting the other end was a problem because a marathon was being run and various walkways were closed, so I lost about twenty minutes finding my way. The walk along the Humber shoreline to Kingston was long and hot.

I was following The Trans Pennine Trail which follows an old railway line right out of K on H, and then all the way to Hornsea. I had found a cafe coming out of the town and had two bottles of Lucozade but bought more at a pub on the way. It was one of the hottest walks I can remember.

Arriving at Hornsea the site I was aiming for had closed years ago. The taxi driver I asked pointed me to a Caravan and Camping Club CL site that I must have walked near to on the way in. He instructed his assistant to take me there for free and I agreed. As I had already walked past this point earlier, and will continue from here in the morning my consience is clear about potential cheating, and in any case I am the one making the rules.

At the site nobody was at home save for one caravan on the site. I sat and waited in the shade. After fifteen minutes the guy from the caravan came and told me the owners were away, so after some discussion I decided to pitch. Brian and and Sue invited me to their van for tea and cake and we chatted happily for a couple of hours. They were pleasant and interesting people, and it is these kind of happenings that make these trips memorable.

It is now 7.00 pm and I have put the tent up but there is no shade and it is too hot to cook inside so I am now considering cooking outside.

There is no signal here so this will most likely get posted tomorrow.

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  1. The full horrors of campsites on a Saturday night in summer. You have my sympathies.

  2. How long would it take to to dismantle the tent and pitch it elsewhere? I take it this wasn't an option with the profane rockers. Given your concerns with the weight you carry, it seems that this lot willingly toted what must have been a fairly heavy radio. Not what one would expect of tenters.