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Sunday, 6 June 2010

Days 11/12/13 from St Jean de Blaquiere de

The rest of day 10
The stay in the chambre d'hote at La Tour sur l'Orb was excellent. A full evening meal with pork terrine, barbecued pork chop with endives and courgets, and a Ginger and barbecued pineapple desert, all with a generous supply of good quality Languedoc rose and then red. This was all done to very high standards by these ex resteraunters The cost including an excellent breakfast was 75 euros. Can't afford to do many of these!

Day 11
La Tour sur l'Orb to Lodeve

Pleasant and varied walking. Very hot - 32 deg on descent into Lodeve. Arrived at gite d'etape. Gardien very kind plied me with chilled drinks. Excellent town centre gite purpose built. Had good meal out in the town.

Day 12 Lodeve to St Jean de Blaquiere.

This was the rendezvous with my brother Rod and family at the villa they have rented for the last three years. A long steep ascent fro m Lodeve onto the plateau, then a branch off onto the GR 653 for the 8 km to St Jean.

I arrived about 2.00. Rod and co at 4.45. Party consisted of Rod and Veronica, daughter and husband Melissa and Darren and their son Zach. Time spent in the large swimming pool very enjoyable. Very good evening meal with lots of bitings-on to start then asparagus starter, chicken and roast potatoes, beans et al. Apple cake to finish- all with lots of rose wine.

Day 13

Still at St Jean. Heavy rain and thunderstorms. Trip to supermarket and then to local winery to buy more wine. Plan to leave here tomorrow to continue on GR 7.

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