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Saturday, 26 June 2010

Day 15 - Barnetby le Wols to The Humber Bridge (south)

A fairly short day. Departed Barnetby 9.0am, arrived THB 3.15pm. The reasoning was that there is a campsite this side of the bridge and none for a long way after, so tomorrow I can get well clear of Hull before considering accomodation. I stocked up on two days food yesterday and now find there is a pub round the corner, so it looks as though I will have carried more food for further distance than intended.

I spent about ten minutes today watching an enormous hare working it's way accross a field without concern for me. It was so big I thought it was a fox at first. A lot of today has been accross agricultural land which I reckon is only one stage removed from walking on busy roads. I have been following an LDP called The Viking Way for the last few days, and whilst it provides a satisfactory integral part of my route it is not a walk I would recommend in it's own right. I have met very few people today and never anybody seriously walking the VW - I have walked on quite a number of these invented LDPs and wonder how often they are walked- some of them are very contrived and leave a lot to be desired.

For Gayle. I have now categorised another faff after mini, midi and major faffs - it is the multiple faff. This is when you decide you need to remove an irritating stone from the cleat of your boot sole, and also take a drink of your precious water, and maybe take a GPS reading because you have had a nagging feeling for the last fifteen minutes that all is not right in the navigation department. So you can stop and have a multi faff.

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