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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Day 13 - Short Ferry to Market Rasen

TF 078 896

I forgot to mention yesterday that I was bitten by a dog (yes Tom, it can happen to anybody). I was walking past a farm on a public footpath track and four dogs came out together barking and leaping round me. I stood my ground but a yellow Labrador bitch caught my hand, but fortunately didn't break the skin. I screamed and shouted as loud as I could and waived my arms and the dogs backed off a little but were still threatening. When I was about fifty yards down the track a woman came out of the farm but it was too far away to communicate and the dogs were still in between us so I just pressed on. It could have been a lot worse.

Mixed walking today on paths and minor roads. I was aiming for a site marked on th OS map at Market Rasen. About four miles out I was coming down a farm track and the farmer coming the other way in a 4 x4 stopped for a chat. He was a nice guy and told me all about his daughter who had cycled round the world. Looking at my map he wasn't sure about my target camp site, but he pointed out a farm (a friend of his) about 1.5 km to the north of my site. When I got to M.R. My site had closed down. Armed with the knowledge I found the site mentioned by the farmer and it turned out to be a superb, secret hideaway Caravan Club CL. When I got there they were already expecting me - the farmer had telephoned his friend about me. if I had not spoken to the farmer i doubt if I would have found this site. There you go again Gayle - something always turns up.

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